Monday, July 21, 2014

Help Me Move Away From My Toxic Family;



Hi I’m Jupiter, an 18-year-old queer nonbinary Native Jew who is diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, and PTSD and is currently living in Southern California. I live with my mother, grandmother, aunt, uncle, and cousin, all of whom except my cousin and grandmother are extremely toxic people. My mother in particular is very emotionally abusive and is constantly threatening to kick me out despite my being extremely poor and having nowhere to go. I am still in highschool and am currently on General Relief, and due to my being in school, my mental illnesses, and the place where I live having a 14% unemployment rate, I am unable to get a job. My mom takes all except $100 of my General Relief money, making it impossible to keep up on necessities and food when I go to school twice weekly. To make up for this I’ve been trying to sell homemade jewelry on my etsy, but I’ve had zero sales because frankly, I’m inexperienced at marketing. My current situation living with my abusive mother greatly worsens my PTSD and depression systems, regularly making me unstable and sometimes suicidal.

Now, the reason for this post is that I need help. My sister flamesdanced has a house in Pennsylvania and will let me stay with her. My only issue is coming up with the money to get there and money to ship my computer, along with money to buy at least some cheap furniture when I get there and to help out with food an expenses until I get back on my feet financially. The plane ticket will cost about 300-350 dollars, and I want to have at least 500 when I get there for furniture and any extra costs, and I plan to get there by September 10th at the very latest. Please, if you could signal boost and consider donating to me, I will be forever grateful.

The link to my paypal can be found here, or on the “donate” tab on my blog thecheshirequeen. My etsy can be found here and my redbubble can be found here if you wish to buy something from me. Thank you fr your time.

Anonymous said: I just have to get this off my chest; if you are white and have children of colour, please for the love of God live in an area where there's several other POC. Especially if it's in a country where the majority of the population is white. I'm biracial (Finnish and Gambian) and I moved from Finland to Norway when I was about five and am now 18. Norway is a multicultural country with a lot of differerent ethnicities, especially around Oslo where my family first moved. (1/2)

But after six years she decided to move us up north, where there’s like 95% white people. I was the only POC in my high school class, and there were 7 POC (with me) in my grade (out of 200+ students). And even though no one has said anything racist directly to me I have to deal with so much ignorance on an every day basis, it’s exhausting and has made me very lonely and anxious over the years. So please, let your children spend time with other POC. (2/2)

yellowpandaification said: If a white person wants to remember their trip to a non-white country via tattoo, get the coordinates of where you were instead of a phrase or proverb in a language you don't speak. It's less problematic.

(This is in response to another ask from a few days ago)

Hmm I don’t know about that either. But I guess it’s okay.

What does everyone else think?

— Jay

Anonymous said: I know for a fact that I'm not fully black because my mother and my father are mixed. But I'm not entirely sure what I am exactly. I was told that part of me was Japanese...A little part but I'm not sure. Is it wrong for me to say I'm part?

It’s up to you.

— Jay

Anonymous said: help!!! okay my father is 100% arab and my mother is caucasian and although i know arab is considered caucasian, would i be biracial or multiethnic?

Hey please don’t use Caucasian if you mean white.

Also I don’t believe “arab” always only means white.

I don’t know enough about your heritage to tell you if you’re mutiracial/biracial or not. Also we’re not really here to do that.

— Jay

Anonymous said: I feel a strange way about iggy azalea, I liked her at first but I'm starting to get a condescending vibe from her. All of it is rubbing me the wrong way I don't like that black male rappers are endorsing her like Royalty while they won't endorse female rappers with dark skin. the fact that she called herself a runaway slave master in a black art form is crazy to me. It just annoys me how some white people cry racism during the process of continuing to oppress others.

Oh yeah she is the worst. I also side eye the hell out of anyone who says they don’t like rap but they like Iggy and/or Macklemore.

To me, they don’t like black people. That’s what they’re really saying.

— Jay

Anonymous said: I'm not even dark-skin or North American, but I still feel a bit like I shouldn't be able to enjoy the delicious food and my favourite gem, Watermelon Tourmaline. We don't even have that racist stereotype here! It was just exported from the US! Who doesn't enjoy watermelon?!


Anonymous said: Thank you to the person who recommended Trying the Psychology Today search!!! I found a few people who seem perfect but I don't know when I'll be able to afford it. Has anyone had experience finding a therapist this way? Is it possible to not do an in-person/phone consultation? Also,I'm not sure if group therapy would work w/ my social anxiety tbh. I'm already uncomfortable speaking to 1 person about my issues.

I don’t think it’s possible to get out of a consultation. The consultation is to figure out your “game plan” for treatment and a possible diagnosis.

Group therapy focuses on addressing your social anxiety. Also you can probably find some good recommendations from other people you meet with similar needs as you.

Anyone else have advice?
— Jay