Wednesday, October 22, 2014

kc12344325 said: On being "conditionally white passing": I seem to have the opposite experience of most people in that most white people I know think I'm white, whereas most POC I know can tell I'm Puerto Rican (or at least Hispanic/Latin@). It's kind of strange...

Idk I feel like white people thinking you’re white is pretty common.

— Jay

Anonymous said: why do you identify as mestizax instead of mestiza?

Actually I do identify as a mestiza.

I try to use mestizx tho to include people who are non-binary.

- Liz


I’m (black/white) as far as I know (adopted) but people mainly mistake me for latinx and sometime arabic or mixed. Recently, it’s been happening to me more often. I don’t care what, where, when, how or why they think I fit into a specific aesthetic, what I give a shit about is how people who mistake me for a different ethnicity, feel entitled to shame me for not knowing the language or the cutlure they associate me with. If I bother to correct them, they feel they have the right to tell me differently and then proceed to make assumptions about my me and family.

"You don’t know _______?"

"You don’t speak_______?"

"No you can’t be ________! You’re _____. Why are you denying it?"

Didn’t your parents teach you_____? Why didn’t they?”

"Great another self-hating____."

Half the time I walk away mid-sentence, I don’t waste a breathe or a even a side glare. 

People need to get a grip and read. They need to use damn google and a map. IF they even bothered to try to understand things called systemic racism,  internalized racism, assimilation, survival mechanisms, identity erasure, and many many other factors of why some PoC’s parents haven’t taught them a language or culture. Maybe someone didn’t have access for what ever reason or maybe they have no desire.

Who the fuck are you to even think to judge or condem another person about something you know absolutely nothing about? Who are you to ask another person any of these questions? To make these types of comments? 

My future career is about learning different cultures,languaged and exploring intersections of people from all walks of life. 

Be a decent human being with some damn common sense. Don’t be a prick.


Reminder to everyone that it’s cooling down and winter is on it’s way, which means people with seasonal depression / SAD associated with cold and winter are going to start showing symptoms. Remember to support your friends instead of shrugging it off as something that “happens every year”

Anonymous said: y'all should check out michelle lee if you haven't already. korean-black, and made a music video concerning the discrimination she went through growing up mixed. (sorry if my english is a bit off ^^;;;)

I believe we’re shared the video before - but I loved it!

- Samantha

Anonymous said: I love this blog, keep up the good work! :) It's really interesting to see the experiences of other mixed POCs, especially about misidentification. I live in France, and white French people seem to think that everyone who's mixed (no matter your skin colour) is half-black and mixed people are fetishized everyday. It's tiresome.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

glintglimmergleam said: Please remember that there are many different Jewish ethnicities. There've been African, Arab, Latinx, South Asian Jewish communities for centuries (in some countries for millenia). Jews in these communities have never been & never will be white. When both Jews & non-Jews talk about Judaism as "a" race, they almost always erase this diversity. Not all Jews are people of color, but many of us ARE, and I don't appreciate having my ethnicity challenged. It will always be more complex than YES/NO.

And I will make the same offer that I do every time someone asks about Jews on here — I am both Jewish and a mixed-race person of color, and I am always interested in meeting other Jews of color. If you share my multiple minority labels, please feel free to drop by my inbox and say hello! Whatever you’re mixed with and whether you’re religious or not.

Anonymous said: Being Jewish is not quite the same as being any other religion - Jewish people have historically been treated as a separate ethnic race in a way that other religious groups were not. And while whitepassing Jews in the US def benefit from white privilege, it is conditional and intersectional: they are still targeted by white supremacists (see FBI crime statistics) and treated as nonwhite depending on location (NYC vs small rural towns), level of religiosity, etc


Anonymous said: being Jewish can mean you are ethnically Jewish or religiously Jewish or both. It's not just a religion. it's an ethno-religous group

Anonymous said: while i myself consider jews to be poc, i was wondering what opinions the mods have on the matter? ive seen a lot of posts on here that kinda express an opinion of whiteness w/ jews, but since im cognitively disabled its hard for me to understand your stance? (sorry if this doesnt make sense or is annoying!)

Being Jewish does not immediately mean you are a POC, Judaism is a religion, not everyone who practices one religion is the same race or ethnicity. This also goes for pretty much every religion, not just Judaism.

- Melody